Polished concrete overlays

With their ease of maintenance and beautiful high-gloss finish, polished concrete floors are becoming the new superstars of the decorative flooring world, especially in high-profile retail and commercial settings. Although most existing concrete slabs can be polished, some have major flaws, such as spalled areas, carpet tack holes and extensive patchwork, which would still show through after polishing. And in terms of decorative options, existing polished floors are limited to the application of topical colour.

To meet the demand for an aesthetically pleasing solution for polishing imperfect concrete floors, more and more contractors are now installing polished overlays as an economical alternative.

Screedmasters carry out stunning overlays in any colour using specialist products leaving a beautiful seamless floor that will last years. Live samples are created and remain on site until completion so the install is matched perfectly to client’s request.

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