Microcement Finishes

Microcement is a very fine coating of cement combined with fine aggregates mixed with water based liquid polymers or powdered resin polymers. The coating is made up of between two or three very thin coats of product. In a similar way to Venetian plasters polished plasters such as Marmarino and Gracello.

Most microcements are essentially comprised of a rapid hardening cement, fine fillers such as calcium carbonate or a fine quartz powder, fine aggregates and an adhesive polymer so the product can stick to most surfaces, including cement screeds, concrete, tiles, cement boards, plaster board etc

By mixing these ingredients together a strong and flexible medium is created which can be applied to floors, walls and furniture installations. Over strength is developed very quickly with the rapid hardening cements and additives.


Key Features of Microcement

  • Can be applied over new and existing floor and wall surfaces
  • Rapid hardening, highly abrasion resistant
  • Multiple colours available to perfect your project aesthetics
  • Highly crack resistant and flexible for use over underfloor heating
  • Thin coats are applied by trowel suitable for floors, walls, worktops, furniture


Uses and Benefits of Microcement

Microcement and Micro concrete overlay products are highly adaptable to many different applications. For example you can use a Microcement overlay to cover both new and existing floors, cover tiled surfaces to produce a stylish polished concrete type finish.

The same products can cover walls to create the look of a concrete wall or partition, yet offering considerably more flexibility and crack resistance than a standard concrete. And without the thickness associated with concrete. For example a Microcement installation is approximately 3mm in thickness, opposed to 100mm for a standard concrete slab.

As long as the substrate has been correctly prepared and is movement and vibration free, you can more than likely apply a Microcement or micro concrete product to the surface.

Further examples of how a Microcement can be used, as a coating for furniture such a worktops and countertops, coffee and dining tables, stairs and partitions. Suitable for both interior and exterior application, a high durable and beautiful finish for many new and existing substrates.

Because our products consist of recycled media, quartz and premium liquid polymers, along with a highly abrasion and water-resistant solvent sealer. You can expect our Microcement installations to last years. All without the excess build up associated with standard concrete, so greater heat transfer from underfloor heating; which means less heating costs overall.

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