Decorative flake finishes

Our flake systems are highly decorative and extremely durable floor systems featuring combination of pre-blended flakes bonded and encapsulated within two-part resins. They help create a random flecked effect of different colours, sealed with a clear gloss or silk top coat. This clear sealer offers UV resistance and will withstand heavy traffic, abrasion and chemicals.


Typical Installations

Our flake systems are continuing to gain popularity among architects, designers and contractors because of their unique properties that deliver complete customisation to commercial, residential and industrial floors with an endless range colour styles, texture, size and blending options.

These systems are also popular with automotive showrooms, retail stores and a number of other visible, high pedestrian areas. The resulting system is highly decorative, durable and seamless. It is intended for areas where there is a need to change the design theme or liven up the layout of the premises. The system life span is on average 5-8 years depending on the levels of traffic and means of maintenance.

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