Resin Flooring

When undertaking any project that requires screeding there are also several elements to consider, namely the decorative flooring, the purpose of the room and if you will require resin flooring systems to be put in place.

Resin flooring is a choice considered by many businesses, project managers and developers due to its versatility, tensile strength as well as the resistance it can offer coupled with the rapid curing time which in turn can help speed up projects.

There are several different types and systems available for resin flooring, each with its own benefits, making each type more suitable for different spaces. As with most things, resin flooring offers different types for you to consider they are:

  • Vapour Permeability
  • Anti-Static Resin
  • Tough Non-Slip Resin
  • Resin filled aggregates

With each providing its own unique finish and benefits to the space they are applied to. To make matters more complicated, there are also 3 main different ways that resin flooring can be applied to the space in order obtain the desired results for the area in question, they are:

  • High build resin floor coating
  • Broadcast Resin Floor Coating
  • Self Smoothing Resin

Screedmasters expertise means you can receive our advice on the best path forward with your project, after a series of questions we will be able to determine the best build-up method for the project based upon substrate needed, the flooring preparation required. As the process can vary between one to three layers being needed, in order to provide the necessary results which in turn is ultimately determined by the purpose of the space


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Resin Flooring

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    What are the benefits to using resin flooring?

    A holistic solution, the systems we employ, give results of a 2 – 9mm thick flooring layer, plus with resin flooring provides addition flooring strength, amazing decorative finishes and are highly resistant to abrasion and thermal shock, (especially when using a trowel applied resin flooring system).

    During the initial consultation Screedmasters can advise on the best technique and systems to use to get the results you need and desire.



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