Commercial Flooring

Covering a wide-array of needs, our commercial flooring services offers all the screeding elements, traditional, fast track, rapid set, floor renovation and so on, so that you can get the results that you want.

With each technique comes a different timeline and also a different finish, so with that in mind there are several factors that you will need to consider such as; the load of the room, the purpose of the room, the footfall and so on.

By working closely with our clients we are able to produce high quality, bespoke finishes, that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.


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    World class client base

    We work on numerous major contracts across the UK and Ireland, including Dublin Airport, Eldon Square shopping centre, O2 Arena and more recentinstallations at Olympic Stadium, and the Royal Mail Exchange in Central London

    Why do we consider so many different components

    The purpose of the room can determine which finish, technique and building system is used. Before we begin any project and start carrying out the flooring preparation we would need to know the following:

    • Footfall expected in the room
    • The purpose of the room
    • The anticapitated weight or load of the room, this includes the equipment holdings, internal building structures, vehicles etc
    • Will there be chemicals (and therefore likely spillages etc)
    • Is it a warehouse or for customers
    • What is the project timeline
    • Budget

    With each project, we run through all of these areas to determine the best path for you to take. We always take on board what you are looking to achieve, so that we can get the results as close as possible.

    Be it down to your budget, the purpose of the room or the rooms location (i.e. internal warehouse or retail outlet) or the anticipated footfall, each element changes the recommendations we make. For example, a chemical housing warehouse would require a resin flooring that is highly resistant to chemicals as well as possess a tensile strength that is desired for long-term wear and tear, due to the off chance that spillages and therefore damages may occur.


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